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When should you book your wedding photographer?

Hello hello! If you have been following along on my Instagram, you will know that I have a series on my IGTV called Telle's Take where I talk all things weddings and I give you my two cents on questions that I've been asked or just things that I would like to give my opinion on. Because let's face it. I have a lot of opinions and I like to share them OKAY?! I know not everyone watches videos and would far prefer to read, so I will be sharing the information that I discussed on Instagram, here. Win-win for everyone.

My first episde of Telle's Take answered when you should be booking your wedding photographer. So, here is when; AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

That's right. If you are reading this as an engaged fiance/fiancee and have been sitting on the fence about booking your wedding photographer, I am telling you to get your butt up off of that fence and go book someone! Because here is the thing, wedding photographers get booked up fast. There are only a certain number of weekends in a year and if you chose to get married on July 21st, you better believe that there are thousands of other couples that are also choosing to get married on July 21st and are looking for a photographer on that date. Okay, okay I am getting ahead of myself.

So far my answer to when you should be booking your wedding photographer is ASAP as possible (Office fans, where you at!).

BUT, you also need to choose your wedding date before you can go ahead and sign a contract with your photographer. At minimum, they need to know when you are getting married in order to even give you a quote! You probably fall into either one of two types of couples; those that have a certain venue in mind, and those that do not. So here is what I think about that.

Venue is often the first thing that an engaged couple will book (because again, you need to make sure your dream venue is available on your date). BUT (another but, there are a lot of buts in here), it is up to each individual couple to decide what is more important to them; the date they are getting married or the venue where they are getting married. Here are two case studies to further drive home my point: Case Study #1: Denise + Ben just got engaged and are JUST SO PUMPED. They decide right away that September 4th will be their wedding date no matter which venues are available, September 4th is the date. Denise + Ben can start reaching out to photographers right away because their date is secured. Case Study #2: Heather + Abraham just got engaged and they want to get married at Graydon Hall and only Graydon Hall. They must first secure a date and sign a contract with Graydon before reaching out to book a photographer. Case studies over.

So what have we learned? You should be booking your photographer as soon as you possibly can once your date is set in stone.

Oh and BONUS TIP. Just because you inquire with a photographer does not mean that they are holding your date. You need to have a contract signed before they will hold your date for you. So don't be a fence-sitter/thumb-twiddler/wishy-washy Sally. Book your photographer! Okay that is all.

If you have any questions for me, leave a comment below/email me/slide into my DMs. I am here to help! Until next time, Telle


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