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Wedding Photography Tips for Brides

Hello hello!

There are a few things you can do as a bride to make your photos go from 0 to 100.

In order to have your photos looking l u x u r i o u s, you have to think (breathe and eat) like a photographer. And what photographers eat, think + breathe is LIGHT (okay not really but let me explain).

Natural light photographers (those like myself who prefer to work with and in natural light) are always looking at a space in terms of how much light is flowing into it and where that light is coming from. And no. I'm not talking about light fixtures (specifically pot lights, ask me how much I hate pot lights). I'm talking about that sweet sweet sunlight baby.

Okay I'm going to break this down further into each section of the wedding day and what you can do as a bride to enhance your images throughout.


1. When choosing a getting ready space, it is essential that that space has (you guessed it) ample amounts of light. I'm not talking one small window in a hotel room, I'm talking floor to ceiling windows (okay no that is excessive but you get my point). The more windows the better. Naturally lit spaces are key to getting those light and airy photos that you hire me for.

2. Make sure the space you choose to get ready in is large enough to accomodate everyone. Look for an airbnb with an open concept space, a hotel suite or a bridal suite that can hold your entire bridal party + hair and makeup artists comfortably. The more space you have to get ready in, the more light your images will look and feel.

3. Your getting ready space needs to be clean. Your photographer can only work so much magic when it comes to strategic angles and posing, however, a messy room will most likely show up. Keep your space as tidy as possible. Putting away clothes, clutter, food and extra makeup with create a serene and beautiful space (even if getting ready is a little chaotic, which it normally is, at least it won't show)

4. If you have been lusting over those dreamy flatlay images of wedding invitations and shoes (like I do, daily), you will want to arrange with your florist to have her/him drop off some extra blooms so your photographer can have fresh florals to style your details with. Trust me, adding in greenery and flowers will create luxruious flatlays that will have you pinning your own wedding day (which is the ultimate goal right? Maybe?). Moving on.


1. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, make sure the sun is BEHIND the alter. This will create the most even light possible on those standing at the alter (who, let's be honest, are the most important people there). Your eyes will thank me that they aren't burning in direct sunlight and your photographer will thank you too.

2. If you are getting married inside and there is only one window in the room, ensure that you are not standing in front of the window. I know this kind of goes against logic because maybe that window/light source has the best view and you want your guests to be looking at it, but those standing at the front will be illuminated from the wrong side. If there is one window, set up the ceremony so the alter is standing opposite to it.

3. Having an unplugged ceremony will greatly enhance your photos. More on this in an upcoming Telle's Take. TLDR version, your guests will be looking at you, not looking at their phones. 4. Ensure the alter is set up IN THE CENTRE and your chairs are symmetrical. If there is one thing that drives me nuts, it's ceremony spaces that aren't symmetrical. Bonus points if you can get your officiant to make sure you are centred after your walk up the aisle.

5. If you have empty chairs at your ceremony, get your wedding planner to ask guests to move towards the front and fill in all of the empty chairs. Just trust me on this one.


This one is pretty simple. Just listen to your photographer during this portion of the day (and just always because they are your real Dad so listen up). Listen to them when they are trying to pose you (they know what looks best). Listen to them when they move you into a certain area (they are probably just trying to get the best light). And just listen to them. K that's all. Listen. LISTEN.


1. If your reception will start when the sun is still up, ensuring that your head table is set across from any windows will ensure that the most important people are well lit in that soft, even, good, good light.

2. Don't allow your guests to enter the reception space until your photographer has had a chance to photograph the room. Chances are you have spent a lot of time and money planning what this space is going to look like and you don't want it spoiled with purses, coats, dirty napkins and empty glasses before they get a chance to capture it in it's full glory. 3. Don't allow your DJ to turn on those colourful laser lights during the first dance. Unless you want your skin to have green spots on it, I highly suggest not turning on these lights until the dance floor opens/the partayyy begins. If the DJ has one white light source pointed towards the couple on the dance floor, this is a-okay and actually provides some pretty beautiful rim light. To recap: Laser lights = no. One white spotlight = a-okay.

That's it that's all.

If you have any questions for me, leave a comment below/email me/slide into my DMs. I'm here to help.

Until next time,


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